November 9, 2022

Pricing and Billing 


  • When setting up the account, there was an option to add the user’s payment plan according to what works best for the user. 
  • The user can always update the payment plan when he/she decides to make any changes to the way that the money’s being deducted from the mode of payment the user opted for. 
  • On the right side of the page, it shows the summary of the plan that the user previously had, and once it has been updated, it will also show all the details. 


  • For the billing, the platform has a website where it shows all the rates of the subscription. It also gives the user an option to choose the number of assets that could be input. 
  • The STANDARD rate is  $169.99/ month and has standard asset management, limited custom user group, dashboard, and reports, alerts & notifications, and app support. 
  • The PROFESSIONAL rate is $229.99/month and has pro asset management, custom user management, dashboard and reports, alerts & notifications, app support, and audit. 
  • The ADVANCE rate is $294.99/month and has advanced asset management, advanced user management, dashboard and reports, alerts & notifications, app support, audit, priority support, unlimited users, and asset check-in/out.
  • The minimum number of assets is 500 while 15,000 is the maximum. 
  • The user could also choose the frequency of billing, either YEARLY or MONTHLY. 
  • Also, there’s a 14-day free trial, upon registration. 
  • Please refer to this website -
  • The photo below shows what the pricing policy page looks like: 


  • The user has always an option to cancel a plan, when it no longer works or for personal reasons. There won’t be any charges upon cancellation.
  • On the AssetData platform, go to the BILLING section, look for the subscription summary box, then click on the CANCEL button. 
  • When the account has been cancelled, it will no longer be deducted from the current plan of the user.  


  • The user has an option to change the plan of the payment that was used, in subscribing to the platform.  
  • The user may refer to the Pricing website, to choose from the best plan that would suit to his or her needs. 

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