November 9, 2022

Managing Your Personal Account


  • There’s an option to change passwords on the platform. This is in case the user would want extra security on the data for the business assets. 
  • In the upper right corner of the DASHBOARD, the user has an access to click the profile created. 

  • When you click on the profile, there would be options to view your profile, change your password and sign out. Choose the CHANGE PASSWORD. 
  • After clicking, a fillable box will appear and let you change the password from the current one to a new one, then just save. It should be changed in real-time. 
  • If the user has forgotten the current password, just CLICK HERE and a link to reset the password will be emailed to your email address that was registered on the platform. 


  • The user may also add or remove a profile photo on the platform. 
  • On the DASHBOARD, just click on the upper right corner then go to MY PROFILE. 

  • When the user got into the profile page, the photo below appears if it doesn’t have a photo. On its side, there are + and x signs. The + sign is for adding and the x is for removing; if there’s a current photo uploaded. 
  • When the user has uploaded a photo, it looks like the photo below:
  • This way, it would be easier to identify the account along with its information. 


  • The Platform has also an option to edit the details that the user has created when setting up the account.  
  • This works best when the user decides to update some details on the profile and also delete those that are irrelevant. 
  • This can be done on your profile page - DASHBOARD. 
  • The photo below shows all the details on your profile and is editable whenever the user wants to amend a piece of information.  
  • Once it’s complete, just click on SAVE. 


  • The platform can be deleted by its user when it no longer serves its purpose. 
  • The user can be secured that all the details that were stored prior, would be deleted and will not be in use once the account has been deleted. 
  • Click on the user’s profile on the upper right corner of the page which will lead to the Profile page. (My Profile) 
  • The page will let you make necessary changes on your profile and on the lower left corner, there’s an option to DELETE ACCOUNT - CLICK HERE. 
  • Once it’s clicked, the user’s account should be permanently deleted. 

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