What is a Model?

  • On this part, the user can check the model or add a new model.
  • Filter - the user can choose what filter he/she prefers, this includes Model or Manufacturer.
  • Action - user can also export PDF or export excel or Import New Model.

How to Add a New Model?

  • On the right hand corner of the screen the user should select Add New Model. Then, a form will appear on the screen.
  • Choose Manufacturer - input the manufacturer by dropping down the menu button.
  • Model - user can enter the model name.

Then, click ADD to save detail or click the CANCEL button to abort adding a new model.

How to Edit a New Model?

  • Users can edit a Model by clicking the pen sign button. After clicking a form will appear to edit a Model.
  • Select the manufacturer that the user wants to edit.
  • The user can also edit the model he/she prefers.

How to Delete Model?

  • Users can delete a Model by clicking the trash sign button. After clicking, a pop up question will appear to delete a model.
  • They will ask the user if he/she is sure of deleting the model?
  • Click cancel if the user is undecided.
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