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Setting Up Insurance Policies

What is Insurance Policies Tool?

  • On this part, the user needs to add the insurance details of the asset.
  • Actions - user can select actions if he/she wants to export pdf, export excel, import new insurance policies or setup columns.
  • Filter - user can filter the other user by checking the Policy Name, Description, Insurer, Policy number, Contact Person, Limit, Deductible, Premium, Start Date, End Date, Active Value, Phone Number, Coverage, and Email.

How to Add New Policy?

  • The user can add insurance details through Add New Policy
  • Insurance Policy Name - input the user policy name.
  • Description - input the description of the user's policy.
  • Email - input the email address.
  • Insurer - input the insurer.
  • Policy No. - input the policy number.
  • Contact Person - input the contact person.
  • Coverage - input the policy coverage.
  • Limit - input the limit policy.
  • Start Date - input start date of the policy
  • End Date - input the end date of the policy
  • Deductible - input the deductible amount of the policy
  • Premium - input the premium amount of the policy.
  • Phone Number - input the phone number.

How to Edit and Delete the Policy Name?

  • The user can edit the policy name by clicking the pen sign.
  • While the user can delete the policy name by clicking the trash sign.

Then, click Add to save the details.

How to Import New Insurance Policies?

  • On the screen, select Actions a list of options will drop down.
  • Click Import New Insurance Policies.
  • After clicking Import New Insurance Policies,  the screen will bring the user to Import File Tab.
  • This is the part where the user will import the data using excel spreadsheet. The user can download the template, fill it in and upload

Click the drop down menu and look for Insurance Policies.

  • Then, click Download Template.
  • An excel file will automatically download on the screen.
  • Open the import_template.
  • Filled up the missing details and Save As.
  • Go back to the Import Tab.
  • Then select, Browse File.
  • On the screen, a new window will show up and look for the excel file where the user save it and Open the Import_Template_Insurance-policy.
  • The user can also Drag and Drop the file on the Import Tab.
  • Check on the screen if the Import Template is properly upload.
  • And make sure that the Import To: is appropriately placed.

Then, click Next to Save the template.

If the user need assistance in uploading his/her asset, feel free to email his/her spreadsheet to info@assetdata.io. and they we'll take care of the rest.

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