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There’s an option to change passwords on the platform. This is in case the user would want extra security on the data for the business assets.

In the upper right corner of the DASHBOARD, the user has an access to click the profile created.

When you click on the profile, there would be options to view your profile, change your password and sign out. Choose the CHANGE PASSWORD.

After clicking, a fillable box will appear and let you change the password from the current one to a new one, then just save. It should be changed in real-time.

If the user has forgotten the current password, just CLICK HERE and a link to reset the password will be emailed to your email address that was registered on the platform.


The user may also add or remove a profile photo on the platform.

On the DASHBOARD, just click on the upper right corner then go to MY PROFILE.

When the user got into the profile page, the photo below appears if it doesn’t have a photo. On its side, there are + and x signs. The + sign is for adding and the x is for removing; if there’s a current photo uploaded.

When the user has uploaded a photo, it looks like the photo below:

This way, it would be easier to identify the account along with its information.


The Platform has also an option to edit the details that the user has created when setting up the account. 

This works best when the user decides to update some details on the profile and also delete those that are irrelevant.

This can be done on your profile page - DASHBOARD.

The photo below shows all the details on your profile and is editable whenever the user wants to amend a piece of information. 

Once it’s complete, just click on SAVE.


The platform can be deleted by its user when it no longer serves its purpose.

The user can be secured that all the details that were stored prior, would be deleted and will not be in use once the account has been deleted.

Click on the user’s profile on the upper right corner of the page which will lead to the Profile page. (My Profile)

The page will let you make necessary changes on your profile and on the lower left corner, there’s an option to DELETE ACCOUNT - CLICK HERE.

Once it’s clicked, the user’s account should be permanently deleted.

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