How to Manage Trash

How to Manage Trash?

  • The data that the user deleted can be found in the trash.
  • If the data has been in the trash for more than 14 days it will be deleted automatically.
  • Filter - user can check filter for if he/she likes to use all the modules, asset, inventory or location.

How to Empty the Trash Tab?

  • The user can empty the trash tab by clicking the empty trash. An option will pop out that the action will affect all the data in the trash. Data will be deleted forever.
  • The user may empty the trash or cancel.

How to Delete Data One by One?

  • The user should check the box where the data is located.
  • Then, by clicking the trashcan on the right side corner of the screen an option will appear.
  • Click delete is the user who decides to delete the data permanently.
  • Click cancel if the user is undecided.

How to Restore the Data?

  • The user can restore the data by clicking the recycle symbol on the right side corner of the screen.
  • Click restore if the user decides to restore the data.
  • Click cancel if the user is undecided.
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