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How to manage Manufacturer

  • The user can list down or manage manufacturers.
  • On the upper right corner, there’s an ACTION button that consists of: Export Pdf, Export Excel and Import New Manufacturer.

How to Add a New Manufacturer?

  • Users select the Add New Manufacturer and a form will appear on the screen.
  • Manufacturer Name - input the user manufacturer name.
  • Manufacturer Description - input the user manufacturer description.

Then, click ADD to save the details or click can CANCEL to abort the new manufacturer.

How to Edit or Delete a Manufacturer?

  • To edit the manufacturer, the user selects the pen sign.

A form will appear on the screen.

  • But if the user wants to delete the manufacturer he/she can select the trash sign on the right hand corner of the screen.

A delete option will appear on the screen.

Click Delete if the user already decided to delete the manufacturer.

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