Alerts Settings

The main purpose of this feature is to remind the user of the actions that need to be done on the platform.

On the ‘Setup’ feature, go to ALERTS - ALERT SETTINGS.

On the page, the page below will be shown. There’s an ADD NEW ALERT SETTING button and a fillable box will appear.

The user will put the NAME of the alert, and for the MODULE part, there are options for what kind of alert will be set.

MODULE ( Insurance Policy, Inventory, and Warranty)

For the FIELD - it should be the expiry date of the alert.

For the TYPES OF ALERT, it would be either push or email.

Set the alert time FROM the time it was set TO  its END TIME.

The FREQUENCY on what the user prefers the alert to show.

The TEAM NAME is to be notified of the alert that was sent.

It can also be activated upon checking on the ACTIVE box.

Once the information has been filled out, click ADD.

Kindly refer to the photo below on how to set the ALERT SETTINGS.

When it has been successfully added, it should be like this:

Like all the features, it also has options to be edited and deleted.

Utilize these by clicking on the hand-like icon for editing and the trash bin for deleting.

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